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Researching and Writing


Creative content that sets your brand apart

Blog Writing

Well-researched SEO-based articles and blogs, no matter what the objective. 

  • Attract the right audiences with the right intention

  • Fully researched and fact-checked

  • Keywords provided (or provide your own, if you prefer)

  • Written under my byline or your own name

Branding & Consultation

Better branding = better business. Make a good brand great by refreshing your tone of voice, brand mission statement, key messaging, and more.


Hard-working copy for all occasions.

  • Extensive copywriting experience including SEO and landing page copy

  • White papers and e-books

  • EDM/Newsletter copywriting

Social Media

I have worked developing social content and social strategies for some of the world's leading brands. 


Coax consumers down the path to purchase using:

  • Social media strategies to attract engagement, leads, and conversions

  • Social media content creation and copywriting

  • Consultation and advice for all those tricky social media questions

Why You Should Hire Me

This isn't my first rodeo. I have over 8 years of digital marketing experience

I am well-versed in collaborating with marketing teams, business owners, agencies, or other stakeholders

My agency background means that I fully understand a variety of business goals and how the right copy can help achieve them 

I'm agile and versatile; I take on projects of all shapes and sizes

I'm not a robot! I'm friendly, helpful, and I'll work as a part of your extended team

Stack of Magazines

What My Clients Say

Michael Vlassis, Woolcott St

“Megan delivers amazing blogs with an incredible turnaround time, and above all has the dynamic ability to work with our constantly changing direction. We wouldn't work with anyone else for our content creation."


Feel free to contact me using the form below or drop me a line at

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