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Sick of copy that makes you cringe? The right copy can build and transform your brand, helping you connect with customers and smash your marketing objectives out of the park.

So, what exactly can the right copy do for you? Well, my clients use my copywriting to serve a range of objectives, but typically, they are looking to:​

  • Improve their on-page SEO

  • Change their brand perception

  • Establish themselves as a thought leader

  • Attract new customers

  • Drive customers down the sales funnel to conversion ​


I work with clients on all kinds of copywriting projects, including:

  • Copywriting; landing page copy, web copy, and EDMs (newsletters)

  • Content Writing; blogs, articles, and e-books

  • Social Media Content

  • Social Media Management

Are you ready to level up your content marketing game? Let's get started.

My Process

1. Initial project outline

First up, you can send me an outline of your project. If your project is a little more complex, we can have a quick call where I'll ask you a few questions. This will allow me to provide an accurate quote.​

2. Quoting

Once briefed, I'll provide you with a quote, which will outline your specific requirements, including the number of words, the number of rounds of amendments included, and any other details so you're crystal clear on exactly what is included.

3. Project commencement

After quoting, to kick off, I require a 50% upfront deposit with any new clients as a show of good faith and a 100% upfront payment for any job under $500.


If you need a briefing template, I can provide one, and, if necessary, we can talk in-depth about your project and agree on a project timeline. For larger projects, we might agree to meet in person for a more in-depth discussion and some much-needed caffeine.

4. Project delivery

Next, I will use the materials provided to create your 100% original content. I will flag any issues or changes in direction immediately as the project progresses.


When this stage is complete, I will deliver the first draft of your project and work with you on any revisions. I'm always open to feedback and will strive to get your project completed just as you had envisioned.

5. Project completion

After your project is finalised, you'll have your copy ready to upload! You can also send across any additional feedback to me for next time if you'd like.


Are you looking to create a blog, a new website, or simply take your content to the next level? Get in touch today and find out how I can help!



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